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What is Whistler Dine In?
Whistler Dine In is an online delivery platform very similar to some familiar names you might know, such as Skip The Dishes and Door Dash.

Why Join Whistler Dine In?
Whistler Dine In is your local delivery service. That means you near by representative who you can speak to personally, who you will meet in person and who can help you should the need arise.. Plus, we’re cheaper than the “big guys” because we don’t have the same kind of overhead.

How Long Have You Been In Business?
Whistler Dine In was founded (and actually pre-founded under another name) more than a decade ago!
We’ve been serving the Whistler community who have grown to love and adore our local feel where we look out for our partners and customers.

Why Are You Called Whistler Dine In?
We’ve been in business as long time and many locals and tourists alike in the S2S know and love the brand and service.

What Area’s Do You Service?
Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton. Squamish is opening soon and Pemberton soon after!

How Does It Work?
It’s simple. You join at no cost (other than a tablet, which you need to receive orders on, but any tablet works, even your own), we upload your menu and then you start receiving orders. You get paid weekly by ETF for the weeks earnings.

What Are The Costs?
We charge 15% on the order total. This is 33-45% cheaper than “the big guys”. That means more money is left in your pocket.

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