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About Us

Established in 2010, Whistler Dine In has been pioneering the delivery service industry for more than a decade. Long before all the big companies, there was Whistler Dine In!

BEST Drivers

Long time locals who know their way around so you can rest assure they will find you.

BEST Restaurants

Large selection of restaurants offering the best local cuisine in Whistler.

BEST Customer Service

Real people ready to answer your call or email and assist you with your order.

We are a locally owned and operated company providing locals and visitors of Whistler with a fast and efficient food, liquor, grocery and gift delivery service. We pride ourselves in providing our customers the 5* Star service Whistler is known for! We only hire friendly and experienced drivers you can trust. Real people review and process 100% of our orders with one simple goal; get it right! As part of the Whistler community, supporting local businesses will always be our priority. The team at Whistler Dine In is proud to call Whistler home and we show this one delivery at a time!